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Our “Why”

Our “Why”

Inspire Athletics was founded in 2016 on the Gold Coast to provide a safe, supportive and positive environment for athletes to participate in the amazing sport of cheerleading. In 2022 we will be opening a second location on the Sunshine Coast and are so excited to work with the athletes and teams.

We are a unique program as we challenge the athletes to be the best they can be. Inspire Athletics is a culture in cheerleading like no other. We are genuinely supportive of one another, treat each other with respect and do not tolerate bad behaviour. Our gym is a place where athletes feel at home, team-mates become best friends, and our members become our family.

In our program we have witnessed children and young adults develop confidence, resilience, determination, leadership and perseverance. We view failure as a learning experience, and only ask that you try and give 100%.

We are a highly competitive gym with excellent results, however do not focus on the win but rather the journey because when the years pass you may lose the medals, outgrow the jackets but you will always have your memories.

What We Do

What We Do

Cheerleading levels 1-6

Tumbling Classes

Open Gyms

Semi-Elite Cheerleading


Floor and gym hire


Private Lessons

School holiday programs

Class Information

Class Information


1.5 Hours per week $170 per term

Perfect entry level for beginners, and also a low cost and low commitment program for athletes to progress their skills throughout grades. Ages 4-18 years, compete at 2 competitions per year.


2 Hours per week $300 per term

Fall in love with cheerleading in this class which is aimed at beginners. Teams will compete at 3 local competitions per year and athletes get the full benefit of the experience of cheerleading with reduced costs and training schedules.


4-6 hours per week from $42 per week

Experience the excitement of competitive cheerleading at Inspire Athletics. Dedication, commitment and a positive attitude are required to train and compete at this level. Compete in front of thousands of spectators locally, interstate and potentially internationally.


Classes from $16 per hour

We offer Lyrical, Jazz, and Hip Hop in our Sunshine Coast studio. Compete at 6 local competitions per year


1 hour per week, $170 per term

Beginner level dance classes without the stress of competitions! We offer Jazz, lyrical, and Hip Hop DanceSport classes.



Can I try a class to see what it’s like?

Yes! Anyone is welcome to come and try a class for free before deciding whether cheerleading is the right sport for you. Please contact us to book in for your free trial class.

Do I need experience?
No experience is necessary, we will teach you everything you need to know for cheerleading.
What is the difference between recreational, semi-elite and elite?
At Inspire Athletics we have classes to suit all commitment levels. We love all of our teams and make sure they each feel special! Our recreational Cheestarz classes train one hour per week and learn the basics of cheerleading. Our semi-elite teams train once per week and compete in 3 local competitions and perform at community events. Our elite teams train twice per week and compete in 5-6 competitions.
How do I start Cheerleading?
First of all you will need to contact us and we will arrange a free trial class so that we can see which class you are most suitable for, and so you can see if it is a sport that you enjoy. From there we can assist you through the enrolment process
How do I pay for Classes?
You can pay upfront for the term or weekly, fortnightly or monthly on Ezidebit.
Do I have to do all competitions?
Yes, you must compete at all competitions unless arrangements have been made with staff.
Do I still pay for missed lessons?
Yes, all missed lessons (excluding Cheerstarz) must be paid for.
How do I do my hair and make-up for competitions?
We have video tutorials on our Inspire Athletics Members Facebook page.
Do I need to attend classes if I am sick or injured?
Yes, unless your illness is highly contagious. All sick / injured students must still come to class to watch so that they don’t miss out on any changes to their routine.
What happens if my friend doesn’t make the same team as me?
Our teams are chosen based on several different factors including tumbling skills, basing/flying skills, coach ability etc. Unfortunately we don’t select teams based on car pools or friendships. Our teams are successful because of our selection process. Every athlete is a valued member in their chosen team.
What do I wear to my first lesson?
Please arrive wearing comfortable fitness/sports clothing such as tights and a t shirt and joggers. When you register with us you will receive your training attire.
Can I just do tumbling?
Absolutely! Our tumbling classes are open to everyone and are casual $15 per class.
Can parents watch training?
Yes we have a parent viewing area to watch training. This is a monitored space and is good vibes only!

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