Our first ever Inspire Blog! Here we hope to entertain, educate and inform you on all things cheer! We thought for our first post we would provide a little background info on our gym. Inspire Athletics was founded in December 2015, and one month later opened the doors to the public with the dream of Inspiring cheerleaders, parents and supporters in the wonderful sport we call cheerleading.

Starting our first season out with 40 All-Star athletes and finishing with 124 athletes and 5 teams, we were recognised and awarded as fastest growing gym in the country for the 2016 season by AASCF with a growth of 230%!

Inspire Athletics had some fantastic results in our first year:
12 x 1st place
8 x 2nd place
7 x 3rd place
3 x Grand Championships
2 x Pinnacle Bids
4 x International Bids
1 x National Champion team (Junior Level 2 Unity)

We couldn’t have asked for a better 1st season and we look forward to our current 2017 season!