1. Stand tall with your arms in the air. Pretend your arms are glued to your ears.
2. Point your lead leg about a foot in front of your other leg.
3. Begin to bend backwards. Make sure to arch your back. Push your hips forward.
4. Kick your lead leg back. Move it as if you’re doing a split in the air. By the time your hands hit the ground, your lead leg should be high in the air. Your fingers should be facing the same direction as your toes. Your base leg should stay on the floor until your hands are on the floor.
There will be a point when both legs are in the air and you’re in the handstand position, so make sure to push down on your hands and keep your elbows locked, because your arms and shoulders will be your only support.
5. Once you’re close to planting your feet on the ground, you should make sure you are set up for a graceful landing. The landing will be the thing that ties all of your back walkover together, so it’s important to finish strong.
6. Land on your lead leg first.
7. Plant your base leg just a second later. This should look like one fluid motion.

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