We recently travelled to Cheer FX headquarters for the first ever Collaboration of the Mighty! The idea behind the day started with a discussion between coaches from Inspire Athletics, Cheer FX, Ausfunk and Olympus Cheer about getting together with some teams to showcase routines and share ideas.
We took our Senior 4 team Lady Legacy and IOC5 team Divinity this year. The fun started when we got on the bus in the morning to make our way to Cheer FX at Deception Bay. There was Sissy that walk, singing, and dancing pretty much all the way there. Lots of laughs and lots of fun!
When we arrived we warmed up routines and all of the teams performed in front of everyone. This was great as it was the first time teams had performed in front of a crowd, prior to our own Showcase, and our first competition for the year. It was good to get the nerves out in a supportive environment.
We then did cheer activities throughout the day; a dance sequence which turned into a music video clip, tumbling games and some free time / open gym time.
All of the athletes got to make new friends from other clubs and we are looking forward to the competition year and supporting one another and cheering each other on at comps. We are trying to play our part in making the sport of cheerleading a positive, fun and supportive environment for the athletes.
This year there was 154 athletes from 4 clubs participate in Collaboration of the Mighty.

Check out our video of the day!